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    louis vuitton Luka M31192

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    International luxury business channels has been very strict control , which sells products through outlets, few established franchises .It is reported that small appliances are also the "1111" one of the key big promotion , consumers purchase during the event as long as the Gome small appliances , you can enjoy up to 35% price decrease deals. louis vuitton Lozan M30052 " Reported, yet Commodities network also set up a professional " buyers team ," and actively seek first-line brand marketing authorization in Europe cooperation .Last year , it acquired regular customers through the network , to convert it into a luxury discount network THEOUTNET s quite Teles Chinese version .Foreign luxury goods giant successive incoming and domestic luxury electric providers only product in a single quarter net profit of $ 5.According to market forecasts to 2014 , the number of outbound tourists in China will reach 100 million people, which will further increase China s luxury consumption resident abroad .

    louis vuitton ya PM N51183 In narrow channels and unreliable purchase situation , can not guarantee the quality of goods sold , but can not provide additional luxury and perfect service.International luxury business channels has been very strict control , which sells products through outlets, few established franchises .Which , GUCCI, GIORGIOARMANI electronic business platform logged China ; FERREGAMO with a number of luxury electric providers signed a cooperation agreement to set up three official authorized e-commerce site in China .

    McKinsey Global Director Max Magni noted that growth in Chinas luxury market is mainly driven by the following factors, one disposable annual income exceeding $ 1 million to double the number of households in the next three years ; Second disposable annual income of 50,000 to 250,000 million middle-class families will become a luxury new buyers .MICHAEL KORS light luxury brand discount stores recently opened 5 % off promotion , Bain 0026 Company partner Bruno said , in 2013 the Chinese mainland luxury market growth slowed further , only increased by 2% , comparable store sales in most luxury brands and traffic have declined ; but for light luxury brands , this is the opportunity to conquer new territories . louis vuitton Milo M32633 Some large electricity providers , portals also entered this industry , opened its luxury channel , or inject luxury site .It is reported that another city Haeinsa Block B earlier this year and put into use after the introduction of the first floor , including the current MAX MARA, ESCADA, MICHAEL KORS three brand discount stores , etc.This is a power in the global luxury goods business prestigious shopping site , which launched the Chinese version website in March of this year, and is headquartered in Hong Kong , which will make it the dominant price and logistics .

    louis vuitton Bedd M91986 LEONG Ue Cheong to reporters listed a set of data , in 2001 the first time the proportion of mainland tourists in Hong Kong was 54 %, which means two people a man is the first time in Hong Kong , in 2009 this proportion dropped to 20% that only one of five people who first came to Hong Kong .Gome said Gome Singles online store sales increased 7 -fold over last year, of which the most popular 3C and merchandise , Singles online shopping market annual grand carnival is also a good opportunity to improve performance throughout the year .The data from the China Electronic Commerce Research Center data show that the first half of 2012 , the Chinese luxury goods online shopping transactions reached 13.Xu boss and his wife would be spared no expense to spend a thousand dollars to buy a set back, and then follow the new "clone " big , medium and small three , put your own store labels, hang out openly sold .

    PREMIER web designer brands in Europe and America will buy the entire product line, the brand side of the cargo version requirements be adjusted according to the Oriental female body condition , to ensure that domestic consumers can buy the latest and most popular and most comfortable fashion line .International luxury business channels has been very strict control , which sells products through outlets, few established franchises .Some clothing in Nanchang small workshops , you can buy an incredibly low price "clone" designer clothes .But the first half of 2012 , the only product will be listed in addition to financing, the total number of domestic luxury electric supplier financing case has been a marked decline . louis vuitton Bedd M91986 " Zhao Shicheng said, " the company now has 300 million registered users, the third quarter will be profitable .


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