Filipino Internet Initiative
Today is Thursday, December 08, 2016 :: 2:47:07 PM in Manila, Philippines

Also known as the Filipino Internet Initiative, this site is under construction. We will implement LiveDATA in its finest on Windows® Server 2003 platform. Orchestrating industrial software from the arsenal of Microsoft® from SQL Server 2005 Database to the .NET framework. Once completed, we will be featuring: --

News, Features and Special Reports
White Papers, Term Papers and Theses
English-Filipino-English Dictionary
English-Filipino-English Interpreter
Filipino Knowledge Base
Polls, Surveys and Discussions
Public Messageboards
Private Messageboards
Directories and Links
Photo Gallery
Email by Windows Live™ Mail and much more, all in one place, all for FREE
If you have any inquiries, questions, suggestions or if you want to take part in this noble endeavour in any form, such as being a contributor, sponsor or advertiser, please don't hesitate to contact the Project Director.
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